Independent Adoption

Independent or private adoption occurs when a birth parent places a child for adoption with prospective adoptive parents.  It is very important that an experienced adoption attorney is used during this process.  Our adoption lawyers will ensure that the correct consents, advisements, and waivers are signed so that the adoption can proceed.  We can also offer referrals for other professionals needed for the adoption including adoption service providers and home study agencies.   We work to make the adoption process as simple as possible from initial matching through finalization of the adoption.  

Step Parent Adoptions

Step parent adoptions occur when a stepparent adopts his/her spouse's child.  During this process, the parental rights of the biological parent must be terminated either by consent or by Court process.  An investigation is conducted by the Court to make sure that the stepparent is an appropriate parent for the child.  This includes verifying criminal records and history of the stepparent.  Our attorneys will guide you through this process.  In the adoption, a new birth certificate will be issued by the state, memorializing this new parent child relationship.  

Adult Adoption

Adult Adoption occurs when two adults who are not related to one another decide to be treated legally as parent and adult child. Adult Adoption legalizes a relationship that already exists in spirit in a simple and quick process.  Biological parents do not have to consent to this adoption.  If the new parent is married, his/her spouse does have to consent to the adoption. Our attorneys will draft documents to submit to the Court to request an adoption.  A quick Court appearance is required, where both the new parent and the adopted adult go before the Judge and request the adoption be granted.  Our attorneys will appear with the parties to make sure all paperwork is completed and accurate and the hearing runs smoothly.  When this is completed, a new birth certificate will be issued by the state to memorialize the new relationship.  

Foster Adoption

Foster adoption occurs when a child involved with child protective services is legally adopted.  After parental rights of the birth mother and birth father are terminated by the dependency Court, a social worker will advise the foster parents that an adoption can now occur.  Our attorneys work closely with social workers to prepare the adoption request and paperwork to finalize the adoption.

Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS)

Special Immigrant Juvenile Status(SIJS) findings are necessary so that certain children can apply to gain US Citizenship.  These orders are not made in immigration Court but must be made by family, probate, or dependency Court in the state of California.  Our attorneys are experienced in obtaining these Court orders and findings to allow a child to apply for US Citizenship under these very specific situations.  We work closely with immigration attorneys to assist families in these situations.  After our attorneys obtain Court orders with these findings, an immigration attorney must take these orders to US Citizenship and Immigration Services so the child may officially obtain citizenship.  

Interstate Compact on Placement of Children (ICPC)

The Interstate Compact on Placement of Children (ICPC) specifies a process for children who are born in one state to be adopted by parents in another state.  The law requires that before a child can be moved from one state to another for an adoption, certain procedures must be followed, and the states must approve the transfer.  Our attorneys are experienced with working with ICPC offices and various states to make the approval process run as smoothly as possible.  

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